About Us

Casco Antiguo de Marbella Association of Merchants and Professionals  is a non-profit private entity that works for the revitalization, improvement of competitiveness, promotion of the commercial and service sector, and the safeguarding of the interests of the Old Town of Marbella.

This Association was founded in 1989 by a small group of merchants with businesses in the Old Town, convinced that the best way for small businesses to survive, given the loss of competitiveness and the high degree of deterioration in the area, was to form an association.


Our mission is focused on two fundamental objectives:

  1. The social and urban revitalization of the Old Town environment.
  2. The promotion of the commercial, cultural, social, gastronomic, and service offerings of this privileged environment.

We aim to transform the Old Town of Marbella and its surroundings into a center for leisure, commerce, and dining. Together with its rich historical heritage, we envision it as a place of enjoyment to be visited and, above all, experienced.

casco antiguo marbella


Over the years, the Association of Merchants and Professionals of the Old Town of Marbella has served as a key agent in the transformation of the Old Town, in addition to supporting and safeguarding the interests of the merchants and professionals within it.

We want to convey the importance of belonging to a fully functional Association and the need for small businesses to feel supported and protected, not left alone to face the many challenges that may arise. Belonging to a collective makes each of its members stronger and more capable of achieving larger objectives.

To achieve this, we organize commercial, cultural, and social activities to encourage not only tourists and visitors but also the residents of Marbella to participate.


Continuing to be the Open Shopping Center of the Old Town of Marbella, focused on promoting the Old Town area in all markets, local, provincial, national, and international.


Casco Antiguo de Marbella Association of Merchants and Professionals is represented by its Board of Directors, composed of eleven members who work for the smooth operation of the Association and its projects.


Carola Herrero


Francisca Lanza


Ana Sánchez


Manuel Calderón


José Francisco Guzmán

Francisco Urbano Villar

María Ángeles González

Remedios Toro Mata

Mª Carmen Durán

Diego Barranco

María José Añón

Anna Dettori