Casco Antiguo



An Open-Air Shopping Center (OASC) is a form of business organization that promotes a territorially balanced distribution of activity and responds to the close connection between commerce and urban reality.

OASCs are configured as the format that contributes to the modernization and revitalization of traditional commercial areas, with positive impacts of an economic and social nature. Additionally, they constitute a decisive factor in preserving urban spaces, acting as a guarantee against city desertification, and a key aspect in enhancing the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Thus, the implementation of Open-Air Shopping Centers provides affiliated establishments with a series of benefits, including the overall conception of these spaces – encompassing services, culture, and leisure – specialization, a collective image, and accessibility, thanks to their location in an urban area.

The Open-Air Shopping Center Old Town of Marbella is located in a privileged environment full of history, monuments, and historical remnants that has transformed into a splendid open-air space, allowing residents, tourists, and visitors to enjoy a unique atmosphere brimming with life, culture, leisure, commercial and dining offerings.

The Old Town Open-Air Shopping Center of Marbella consists of more than 400 shops, bars, restaurants, and hotels immersed in a centuries-old setting. Shopping and leisure moments can be enjoyed surrounded by the 9th-century Arab wall, savoring the Plaza de los Naranjos, or admiring its numerous churches and chapels dating back to the 16th century.

Strolling through its narrow streets and pedestrian squares is a sensory delight.


In 2011, the Andalusian Regional Government recognized the Old Town of Marbella as an Open-Air Shopping Center. This is a significant distinction for all the businesses and services it encompasses and an achievement for our Association.